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Synonyms for demonstrator


Synonyms for demonstrator

a teacher or teacher's assistant who demonstrates the principles that are being taught

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someone who demonstrates an article to a prospective buyer

someone who participates in a public display of group feeling

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The Qaimmakam (Mayor) of Koesengjak district, Sarkot Rasool told Rudaw news agency "The demonstrators went to the headquarters of the political parties," adding that "the security forces had not been exposed to the demonstrators so far.
Albayalde said they would continue to exercise maximum tolerance toward demonstrators over the duration of the Asean Summit but stressed they would not allow militant groups to reach the PICC.
It was then decided that the police would move on the demonstrators to Centenary Square.
The court inquired from assistant commissioner how the demonstrators reached Islamabad from Hassan Abdal and who allowed them to go there.
He said as soon as he reached Salah Salem demonstrators recognised him and started shouting his name.
Ljubljana : Police late Monday used teargas to disperse thousands of demonstrators calling for the mayor of Slovenia's second city Maribor, suspected of corruption, to resign.
After Friday prayers, demonstrators gathered in Raida to denounce the American-made anti-Islam film mocking Prophet Muhammad.
The reports, cited by local media, said the demonstrators attempted to break into a shield created by the security forces in front of the government building in Tripoli.
Approximately 400 riot police and 300 demonstrators in woods outside Dannenberg, near the storage facility, were involved in the clash.
Demonstrators expressed social and political claims requiring, particularly, the departure of the Interim Government and demanding that symbols of corruption be accountable, particularly through return of people's assets despoiled by the family of the ousted president, reform of the judiciary and employment.
SANA'A, April 19 (Saba) - Pro-government demonstrators took Tuesday to the streets in Sana'a, Dhamar ,Baidhya, Ibb provinces in support for the constitutional legitimacy and Yemen's unity, security and stability.
Summary: CAIRO - Hundreds of demonstrators Sunday continued to defy a ban by the military on presence on central Cairo's Al Tahrir Square by staging several sporadic protests there amid deep divisions among the demonstrators on whether they should pour their anger on the military
One killed as anti-and pro-government demonstrators clash in Yemen
An eyewitness said that clashes between police and demonstrators broke out after the demonstrators set a police stations on fire.
Summary: BEIRUT: Demonstrators clashed Thursday with anti-riot police near the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut after the protesters breached the razor wire around the area Thursday.