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Synonyms for demonstrator


Synonyms for demonstrator

a teacher or teacher's assistant who demonstrates the principles that are being taught

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someone who demonstrates an article to a prospective buyer

someone who participates in a public display of group feeling

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On July 1st, an estimated half-million demonstrators poured into the streets of Hong Kong's central business district for a mass protest outside the Legislative Council.
When Joe and I exited the apartment and cautiously began walking along the sidewalk of the now curiously normal street, we decided we would leave the city rather than risk the near-certainty of being arrested, given the magnitude of the forces marshaled against the demonstrators.
While police were fully armed, they used only nonlethal weapons to deal with unruly crowds, primarily the rubber pellets that are supposed to skip off the ground, but which demonstrators said hit several people in the torso.
The anti-IMF posters were, of course, promising that the demonstrators themselves would behave in a nonviolent fashion, but nonviolence on one side is, at least in theory, connected to nonviolence on the other.
The Supreme Court today ruled unanimously in favor of pro-life demonstrators and organizations in the cases of Operation Rescue v.
It was said that riots and clashes occurred between demonstrators and security forces in Karbala, and demonstrators, who gathered in front of the provincial council building, the center of Karbala in protest against the deterioration of services and rampant of corruption, were throwing the security men with stones, while the security men responded by firing tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.
A policeman and a demonstrator died Sunday in clashes in the village of Labouss, in the southern province of Lahj, while another demonstrator was injured in similar confrontations in the neighbouring village of al-Eind, witnesses said, according to AFP.
At that time, the masses of street demonstrators were purportedly opposing the sovereignty-destroying World Trade Organization (WTO).
Three protesters were arrested after they crossed a painted line that designated an area off-limits to demonstrators.
Costume jewellery sellers Cabouchon stepped in and offered employment for each of the 50 Tupperware demonstrators and mangers in the North West who were yesterday left without work.
The PULSERS second phase will address a range of demonstrator and prototype platforms:
Basra / NINA /-- Hundreds of Basra province population and civil society organizations as well as civilians activist demonstrated in Basra last night and emerged in front of the Board of Basra governorate building to protest the killing and wounding of / 4 / demonstrators in northern Basra on Thursday evening.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Mutahidoun bloc spokesman Dhafir al-Ani called to prosecute the responsibles who ordered shooting the unarmed demonstrators in Haweeja and other places, as ex-regime military commanders were put to trial.
Summary: Lebanese security forces dispersed demonstrators on Sunday outside the American embassy at Aokar using water hoses and tear gas.
More than 30 demonstrators held placards and demanded the release of the 27 men and 23 women in the Men's Central Jail and in the Twin Towers Correctional facility, respectively.