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Synonyms for demon

Synonyms for demon

an evil supernatural being

a cruel wicked and inhuman person

someone extremely diligent or skillful

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Rajasekhara seldom indulges in bibhatsa or bhayanaka, but one such occasion comes at the beginning of Act III of the Balaramayana, through two verses describing the slaying of the demoness Tataka.
I used to watch with utter fascination as characters like the irrepressible demoness "Taduka" encountered Rama in the forest, and even tried emulating her with girlish enthusiasm.
And in the baddie corner alongside the warlord, there's his whip wielding white-tressed demoness ally Ni Chang (a scene-stealing Li Bing Bing).
However, her many outfit changes are nothing compared with the soul-swap she is forced into when she encounters a demoness who's on the run from her demon alchemist boyfriend.
If she gives the demoness access to her powers, maybe she will be able to return to her body once the demon is vanquished.
Sabarimala is a Hindu pilgrimage center located in Kerala, where Lord Ayyappan is believed to have meditated after killing the powerful demoness Mahishi.
According to Gadd, the object of this description is a tree; that the ardat lili has built a house in the trunk of the tree suggests that the demoness here is an owl.
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible, Reallexikon der Assyriologie) on the issues of demons and deities could not have been consulted, or such wild explanations for a goddess like Istar or the old Mesopotamian demoness Lilith would not have been suggested (see below).
In the Sanskrit the goddess is the prominent female amongst both yaksa and naga: she is the number one yaksi amongst yaksa--perhaps, one might conjecture, the wife of Kubera, god of wealth and chief of the yaksa; she is also Surasa, the demoness (raksasi) mother of the naga.
radiant or glorious, and therefore undeceivable, unpollutable, or inviolable, as also, it an be suggested, are the furrows whose boundary all confusion--including the demoness Nasush to whom pollution is attributed--symbolically may not cross into during devotional ceremonies or exit from during purificatory rites.
7), a fierce demoness (yakkhini) called Kuveni or Kuvanna had fallen in love with Vijaya and helped the invader to kill the Yakkhas who lived in their cities of Lankapura and Sirisavatthu.
1) the demoness of Babylon, may be identified with Beltia, the consort of Bel, but Istar of Babylon is also possible.