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the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations

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The campaign's chief demographic targets are women aged 35 to 54 and consumers who earn at least $100,000 a year.
Held in Cairo in 1994, the International Conference on Population and Development signaled a shift in the focus of population policy from environmentally influenced demographic targets to feminist and humanist goals relating to reproductive health and rights, women's empowerment, and broad-based development.
This research looks at the way low pay, the need to concentrate on demographic targets and inadequate training make service providers less effective in promoting women's health, and suggests how service delivery might be improved.
Norman Myers, an advisor to the World Bank, the World Resources Institute, and various UN agencies, praised Communist China's population control program, which employs coerced abortion and infanticide to meet strict demographic targets.
Our health and our bodies must not become the sacrificial altars on which demographic targets are callously arrived at.
It enables our team to generate detailed media plans based on a client's or agency's strategy and objectives, including demographic targets, reach goals, desired frequency, budget, and impressions.