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a group of people having approximately the same age

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Tesco's system recognises that customers shopping at stores in different areas of the country with similar demographic profiles do not necessarily buy the same things.
Demographic Profile of Consumers Eating Dinner Away From Home, 2010 and 2015
The report focuses on building a composite demographic profile of a "Fit Consumer," categorized as one who exercises at least three times a week and participates in at least one sport "every chance they get.
Chart Group 2 Demographic Profiles - Comparison to Population
Although the demographic profile of South Korea is encouraging, there has been a decline in the workforce age group.
With the addition of demographic profile information, such as age, gender and income to a pre-existing mailing list, Profile Your List enables small business users to dramatically alter marketing results by improving targeting capabilities to specific customers.
Gain a better understanding of an affiliate shopper's (consumer's) demographic profile within the affiliate channel as compared to the total Internet population
The Rolex Series demographic profile is identical to Luggage Express' demographic profile" explained Emmanuel Lupe, Team Manager and Marketing Director for Luggage Express Team Sigalsport BMW.
The print and prepress markets included in this Demographic Profile include commercial printers, quick printers, periodical printers, book printers, and prepress service bureaus and trade shops.
We're excited to get exposure through the Winning Edge database, as it contains an ideal demographic profile for showcasing our products.
The demographic profiles were released by state down to the place level in May and provide statistics on topics such as age, race, Hispanic origin, sex, household relationship, household type, group quarters population and home ownership.
The report also presented socioeconomic and demographic profiles of those with chronic conditions, and figures problems and potential barriers to accessing health care.
com wanted to know the demographic profiles of its users, the company called on eWorldResearch for assistance.
Census Bureau will release 2010 Census Demographic Profiles for Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.
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