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(Greek mythology) a mysterious and terrifying deity of the underworld

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Netflix says: "It's 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab.
This chapter concludes with a fascinating discussion of why Demogorgon is the sole companion of Eternity, why Eternity differs from Perpetuity, and why (in a long quotation taken from Claudian) time as we know it is a joyous female, the "ancient mother of the numberless years, .
45) The ironic comment, moreover, on 'this little demogorgon constable' suggests a less than overpowering actor, perhaps even a boy actor (see 5.
Tampoco vino de ningun "cielo superior" (6) un Demogorgon para defender a los oprimidos y realizar materialmente su triunfo moral y subjetivo.
El, por su parte, entono su vozarron, metiendo nuestro coro entre cada frase: Demogorgon, propitiamus vos, ut appareat et surgat
Here Shelley's Demogorgon (another "imageless" creature of the depths, though much more sentient and articulate than the Kraken) announces and orchestrates a kind of apocalypse, in which the tyrant Jupiter is overthrown (Ricks, Poems, 1:270).
Frustrated, anxious to surpass his own past works, Amphion enters into a mystical pact with the divine Demogorgon, who appears as a monstrous sculpture that is the accumulation of each era's lack of success in "its strife after the perfect and the high ideal" (1887, 8).
Ellsworth Barnard suggested that Shelley's Demogorgon, in addition to many other sources, might owe something to the Hindu and Buddhist 'Karma' (1944: 86).
In his discussion of Prometheus Unbound, moreover, Duffy notes the connection between Demogorgon and the principle of Necessity (179), but he also conveniently neglects to mention that Demogorgon is a relentlessly poetic--personifying--voice, calling on the elemental Genii who (Demogorgon says) reside both in the mind and in nature itself.
His Prometheus is 'unbound' only when he no longer hates, (40) and the final words of the poem, by Demogorgon to Prometheus and the chorus, exemplify the Romantic archetype:
Panthea and Demogorgon in Shelley's Prometheus Unbound.
Also, Starbuck's complaint about the crew, after Ahab manipulates them, that "the white whale is their demogorgon," identifies Moby-Dick as the Shelleyan-Ophite God, a tyrannical and demagogic "demiurge" and "Demogorgon" (chapter 38, 148).
In the course of his exchange with Asia, Demogorgon demythologizes the fictional power-structure which supports Jupiter, which then ceases to be truth.
The Fairies and their leader Demogorgon hold their council, in which Alcina persuades her fellow Fairies to wage war and destroy Orlando, Charles, and the Empire.