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a radioactive transuranic element

the bureau in the State Department that is responsible for the security of diplomats and embassies overseas

an honorary degree in science

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It pits two heirs to what was once the West's largest Communist Party: The Democrats of the Left have gone mainstream centre-left, while Communist Refoundation still proudly displays the hammer and sickle in its flag.
One politician from the Democrats of the Left, the leading liberal party, called it a blow to the "lay nature of the state.
Gavino Angius, the senate leader of the Democrats of the Left, the largest opposition party, said he was considering calling for a national referendum on the law.
Following its rebirth as the Democrats of the Left in the early 1990s it moved to the centre of power and became the backbone of a centre-left coalition that has governed since 1996.
What was new about this visit is that he belongs to the Communist Party, renamed Democrats of the Left.