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Synonyms for election

Synonyms for election

the act of choosing

Words related to election

the act of selecting someone or something

the status or fact of being elected

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the predestination of some individuals as objects of divine mercy (especially as conceived by Calvinists)

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The UNSC's unreleased statement tackled three elements: the council's deep concerns over the instability in security, the rising violence and unrest, and the need to respect the democratically-elected government.
SIR - The Welsh nation and people should not be involved in any new war in Iraq-Syria unless the democratically-elected Government of Wales, through the National Assembly, agrees to such actions.
1 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday remained optimistic about the future of the Indo-Pak relationship, saying he hoped his democratically-elected Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif succeeds, as he had shared his views on a constructive path forward for the future for the two countries.
Mrs Thatcher was a democratically-elected MP, who presided over an equally democratically-elected cabinet.
NO matter what anyone thinks of Margaret Thatcher, she was legally and democratically-elected three times to be Prime Minister.
MIKE Jackson (Letters, June 12) accuses me of nonsense because I blame democratically-elected politicians for the financial mess that we are in.
The State Department announced late on Tuesday that it imposed "restrictions on travel to the United States on persons and the immediate family of persons who block Mali's return to civilian rule and a democratically-elected government, including those who actively promote Captain Amadou Sanogo and the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy, who seized power from democratically elected President Amadou Toumani Tour on March 21, 2012".
In other words, there is no democratically-elected government.
These are the morons who dictated that our own democratically-elected Senedd couldn't declare our own patron saint's day a bank holiday, claiming it would be disruptive to businesses.
BNP spokesman Simon Darby said: "It is outrageous that a democratically-elected member of parliament for the North West cannot see something in his own constituency and directly in relation to his position.
Ronnie Mamoepa at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pretoria issued the following statement:Pretoria - The South African Government expresses its regret at the decision of the Israeli government to refuse permission to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Special Envoy Abdul Rahim Mallouh to visit South Africa to join other world dignitaries to witness the inauguration of South Africa's fourth democratically-elected President Jacob Zuma scheduled for Saturday 9 May at the Union Buildings, Pretoria.
On the other hand we have condemned the people of the beleaguered city of Gaza and their democratically-elected Hamas-led Government, because they fire small rockets over on to the Israeli side in response to the continuing bombardment that takes place in Gaza city.
All I want is to live in a fair and just country, with a democratically-elected head of state - even if that means the heads of our royals being mounted on stakes outside Buckingham palace
As we were en route, a group of soldiers seized Burundi's first ever democratically-elected president and murdered him.
Our democratically-elected leaders are looking increasingly cosseted and self-satisfied, ignoring a growing sense of frustration and impotence among the led, while failing to lead us anywhere worth going.