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North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is no fan of democratic movements.
But as a response to democratic movements on the ground, strategic flexibility might prove self-defeating.
Of course, repression is not the only outcome of democratic movements: for example, democratic movements in Eastern Europe in 1989-90 (with the partial exception of Romania) led to concessions and democratic reforms by the governments involved.
In this article I provide an enhanced version of the data set of democratic movements in Minier (2001), incorporating a classification of the government's response to each movement.
The main goal of the paper is to use a new data set on democratic movements to estimate the relationship between income and democracy, testing more directly than has previously been done whether democracy is a normal good.
To construct the data set of democratic movements, I consulted a wide range of historical and political sources.
However, when the 1989 democratic movement broke out, these student organizations were sought out by more students as they grew in prominence.
Presently, prominent figures in China's democratic movement have generally come to understand the importance and necessity of setting up extensive private organizations.
First, let us confirm that there are three main political powers in Egypt: the Islamist political movements, at the heart of which is the Muslim Brotherhood; the feloul or remnants of the former regime or supporters of the hegemonic state, at the heart of which is the armed forces and the security apparatus; and lastly the democratic movement, at the heart of which is the political parties of the National Salvation Front.
Szeto Wah, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, which has organized the annual event since 1990, said Hong Kong people should be proud that a democratic movement could carry on for 18 years.
It is too soon to say whether the second Gulf War will spark a wave of democratic movements throughout the Middle East, as the president promised in his speech to the American Enterprise Institute before it began.
Written for students of women's studies and international law, this book describes the author's own experiences in fomenting social change for women in India, and how she has had to vary her strategies to adapt to both government policy and the shifting attitudes among other democratic movements.
Taiwan's democratic movements mushroomed following a significant demonstration in 1979 organized by opposition leaders in the southern city of Kaohsiung to commemorate Human Rights Day.
The Information Center of Human Rights and Democratic Movements in China said in a bulletin that the State Council issued the order in a directive issued last month.
The 15-member group was led by Szeto Wah, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China.
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