Democratic-Republican Party

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a former major political party in the United States in the early 19th century

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The Judiciary Act of 1801, enacted just before Thomas Jefferson and his Democratic Republican Party took over the federal government, is often viewed primarily as a partisan ploy by the defeated Federalists, hoping to consolidate more power in the hands of a Federalist-dominated judiciary.
On Wednesday, the first agenda of the assembly will be to implement last December's declaration by the interim parliament to turn the country into a ''federal democratic republican state.
The provisional parliament voted for Nepal, once the world's only Hindu kingdom, to become a "federal democratic republican state".
The elected assembly will write a constitution and enforce last December's parliamentary decision to declare Nepal a ''federal democratic republican state.
28 last year declaring the country a federal democratic republican state and directed the Constituent Assembly scheduled to be elected April 10 to implement the declaration.
As it stands, the 601-member assembly will be asked to write a new constitution and to enforce last month's parliamentary declaration to turn the country into a ''federal democratic republican state,'' formally ending Nepal's centuries-old monarchical tradition.
This joint meeting is a vow to build a new Nepal, a federal democratic republican Nepal,'' Prachanda said.
28 decision of the interim parliament to turn the country into ''federal democratic republican state.
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