North Vietnam

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a former country in southeastern Asia that existed from 1954 (after the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu) until 1975 when South Vietnam collapsed at the end of the Vietnam War

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On July 29, 1954, an Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Vietnam was signed between France and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
Ton Duc Thang was a Communist revolutionary who rose through the ranks to become first vice president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) in 1960, and then president when Ho Chi Minh died in 1969.
The Nationalist leader, Ho Chi Minh declared the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on 2 September 1945.
Dong served as finance minister in the regime that proclaimed independence as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in September 1945.
Vietnamese authorities released Thich Quang Do from prison in August 1999, as part of a general amnesty of political prisoners to commemorate the anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV).
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