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Timuroglu noted that the association organized many commercial visits to Democratic Republic of Congo which had nearly 70 million population as well as rich natural resources.
During the meeting, Mottaki mentioned that interaction with independent countries and spread and domination of a fair international system constitute Iran's policy, and said, "The relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic Republic of Congo is an example of such interactions.
The UK Border Agency (UKBA) investigation into seven men and woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Ivory Coast is still ongoing.
The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda have agreed on a military plan to disband a Rwandan Hutu militia seen as a key cause of conflict in eastern Congo, according to the Congolese foreign minister.
Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution, explains, "Unlike Belgium, which built roads solely for the extraction of resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo, China is constructing or improving roads that are suitable not only for the transport of resources but which citizens can also use to travel.
European Commission said 68 carriers--19 from the Democratic Republic of Congo, 21 from Liberia, 18 from Sierra Leone and 10 from Swaziland--have been removed as they ceased operating because they lost their AOCs.
Gabon, Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has said that the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone have a long way to go on improving air safety standards.
United Nations Population Fund: To support a United Nations effort to assist the survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The striker, who led the Democratic Republic of Congo to the quarter-finals of the African Nations Cup, returned from Egypt after being told by Congo officials his 18-month-old son had died of an illness on January 20.
Togo fell 2-0 to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which nearly boycotted the game over unpaid bonuses.
Such inclusions--particularly the unrevealing formalist landscapes--expose Tillim's project as uneasily divided between documentary and aesthetic functions, the irresolution of which raises the question of the ethics of the artistic representation of the devastated Democratic Republic of Congo today.
Although the limited molecular scope of this study and the quality of the old serum specimens may not be adequate for molecular confirmation of such viruses, our findings of complex HIV WB-indeterminate patterns with reactivity to multiple viral proteins in serum specimens from persons living in the Democratic Republic of Congo provide comprehensive insights into HIV WB-indeterminate sera in the mid-1980s.
Gorilla tracking in Mgahinga National Park in southwestern Uganda has been suspended indefinitely because all habituated gorillas have crossed into neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.
CORRECTION: The activities of UN peacekeepers do come in many forms--unfortunately, these often include rape, forced prostitution, pedophilia, and other sexual abuses, all of which have been recently brought to light among UN troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo, involving girls as young as 11.
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