Democratic Party

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the older of two major political parties in the United States

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People's Democratic Party, created in 1991, brings together about 370,000 members.
Candidates were not endorsed for lieutenant governor or president of the Cook County Board because none of the individuals in either race who made presentations to the slate making session received more than 50 percent of the vote, as required by Democratic Party rules.
Ratings of the Democratic Party have not shown much change since July 2006, with between 51% and 57% rating the party favorably over this time.
Or accusing his morn of having an "incorrigible, sweet-natured romanticism" about the '60s and the civil rights era as he waxes nostalgic about Hubert Humphrey's Democratic Party.
In a letter to Democratic Party chairman Art Torres, Becnel said the Democratic Party "has transformed itself from Dixiecrats to Richiecrats--money counts, equality of treatment does not.
The GOP ``gets it,'' while the Democratic Party doesn't.
With his diverse heritage and a well-mobilized Democratic Party, supporters believe Seals may be in position to become the area's first-ever African American congressman--and the first Democrat to win there in recent memory.
It was the Democratic Party in the North that seemed most suited for their purposes.
There is no Democratic Party without black America.
His victory helped to throw the Democratic Party into turmoil.
On the right, Newt Gingrich's radicals have stolen much of their idea-driven reformist thunder; on the left, the increasingly dominant redistributionist wing of the Democratic Party has effectively isolated the New Democrats and their major organ of influence, the Democratic Leadership Council.
However, it is not yet clear if the Democratic Party will be able to translate these negative sentiments into major gains at the polls in 2006.
The political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party held tonight a meeting chaired by party leader Massoud Barzani.
The coalition of the Liberal Democratic Party and the New Komeito party, which became the ruling bloc as a result of the general election, does not control a majority in the upper house.
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