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a member of the Democratic Party

an advocate of democratic principles

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The Democrats take the offices, as a general rule, because they need them, and because the practice of many years has made it the law of political warfare, which unless a different system be proclaimed, it was weakness and cowardice to murmur at.
Mike Scully was very much worried over the opportunity which his last deal gave to them--the stockyards Democrats were furious at the idea of a rich capitalist for their candidate, and while they were changing they might possibly conclude that a Socialist firebrand was preferable to a Republican bum.
Born democrats, we are nowise qualified to judge of monarchy, which, to our fathers living in the monarchical idea, was also relatively right.
While I was with the President, a white citizen of Atlanta, a Democrat and an ex-slaveholder, came into the room, and the President asked his opinion as to the wisdom of his going to Tuskegee.
At the close of the game the six Republican members were bankrupt and the single Democrat had all the money.
the real Anytus was a democrat, and had joined Thrasybulus in the conflict with the thirty.
After this manner the democrat was generated out of the oligarch?
A genuine democrat would have asked him, with comrade-like clearness of speech, what the devil he was doing.
You are an aristocrat of the aristocrats, I a democrat of the democrats.
The poor creature had come out to the mines to join one of his fellow convicts, a delicate young man, a mechanic and a social democrat, with broad cheekbones and large staring eyes.
1837; (Italy) 1838; The American Democrat, 1838; Homeward Bound, 1838; The Chronicles of Cooperstown, 1838; Home as Found (Eve Effingham),
The national convention ‘— hum, hum—’ unfortunate Louis’—hum, hum—’example of your Washington’—a very sensible man, I declare, and none of your crazy democrats.
Oligarchs and democrats go wrong in their conception of the good.
Why, I could give that man the whole history of the Reformation in the time he took to tell me that the Union-Labor Party had fused with the Democrats.
There are no Republicans nor Democrats in this House.
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