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a member of the Democratic Party

an advocate of democratic principles

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Apelbaum has worked for Conyers since the congressman became the top Democrat on the committee in 1995, and by all accounts he enjoys his boss's absolute trust.
In most of the states where the bans did pass--South Carolina and Idaho being the exceptions--voters elected Democrats to major statewide offices anyway.
Rick Santorum lost to Democrat Robert Casey 59 percent to 41 percent, despite efforts by a group called the Pennsylvania Pastors Network to mobilize on behalf of Santorum.
Even though politicians should never be trusted to do what they say, irrespective of whether they are Republicans or Democrats, most of them will pay attention to their constituents rather than to the special interests--if enough of their constituents become informed and involved and keep the feet of their representatives to the fire.
Montana, where progressive Democrat Jon Tester has relentlessly hit Republican Conrad Burns for his connection to Jack Abramoff.
But among the true swing voters, those between the forty-yard lines, when they see a Democratic presidential nominee who is a Southerner, very likely having won statewide elections, there is an assumption of moderation, that the Southern Democrat is fairly centrist, and in those cases, the burden of proof is on Republicans to prove that the Southern Democrat is a hopeless and unrepentant liberal.
Ask students to discuss what they think it means for an individual to claim to be a Republican, Democrat, or independent.
And, while Cook County has traditionally provided the most Democratic support in the state, urban sprawl is also helping Democrats in the five collar counties.
The Senate Democrat proposal called for lower co-payments ($25 per month rather than $33 in the Republican plan) with no deductible (the House Republican plan had a $250 deductible) and drug cost coverage for enrollees after $2,000.
When pundits and politicians give us their expert opinion about the battle between Republicans and Democrats in the November 7 congressional elections, they generally describe the opposing forces as occupying opposite sides of a giant political divide.
Miller reported in an early pro-Santorum piece, Democrats pushed Casey into the race "because they think his pro-life views may deny Santorum a vital advantage.
She is the third Democrat in the state's 15th Congressional District to opt out of the race.
Ryan by less than 4 percent statewide, Poshard won more collar county votes than any Democrat since Daniel Walker in 1972.
That a pro-union Democrat with a weak free-trade record like Rangel could support PNTR shows how much the political dynamics over trade have changed in the United States and why passage of the measure was never really in jeopardy.
NEW YORK -- Differences between Democrats and Republicans go far beyond their political views, according to THE HOPELESSLY PARTISAN GUIDE TO AMERICAN POLITICS (SelectBooks Publishing, NYC).
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