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Synonyms for demobilization

act of changing from a war basis to a peace basis including disbanding or discharging troops

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DEMOB HAPPY AND GUESTS: The Cookie Jar, High St, Leicester.
Head coach Tim Sherwood said: "I had no doubts about him being demob happy.
They were already demob happy and they let their fans down with a lacklustre, pathetic display of football.
Celtic have looked demob happy in the SPL for weeks and certain players are going through the motions which means they are short-changing the punters.
Hosts Ant and Dec were also given a warm welcome, with Dec admitting the popular Geordie pair were demob happy as Birmingham was the last set of auditions.
Perhaps now that she is in her twilight years and nearing the end of her reign, Her Majesty is a tad demob happy and feels a sense of freedom which will allow her to say exactly what she thinks instead of playing it safe.
But mostly I'm demob happy for a more prosaic reason.
Setting aside the fact that he was about to embark on a weeks holiday and could just have been a tad demob happy and instead focussing on the numerous events of the past seven days, I'm starting to think he may have had a point.
Last time I bumped into Climbing Rosey (shinning down the Pumsey Towers drainpipe) he seemed distinctly demob happy.
One is that he has flipped his lid, completely gone crackers or he is demob happy.
With no European or FA Cup final to worry about, they will be demob happy.
On at the Georgian will be Clinic, SLUG, e Purnells, Autobahn, Serinette, e Sons of Bido Lito, Demob Happy and Fleckt Pets.
swered tries in the opening quarter and with their scrum But after scoring three unanswered tries in the opening quarter and with their scrum totally dominant, Cov were guilty of being demob happy a bit too early - prompting a cautionary word from head coach Scott Morgan.
Forget that it was a penultimate, 'nothing' game, Clark was not demob happy, and nor did he expect anyone else to be.