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a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe

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The demiourgos gives order to disorder because the former is always better (30a).
El moderno demiourgos onomaton debera bautizar a la marca abandonando la arbitrariedad saussuriana (17), pues, como apunta Minestroni, <<i nomi sono il riflesso delle idee>> (18).
For Plato, in Timaeus, the Demiourgos constructs the World soul in what comes out as a musical structure of composition.
Nagu gnostikud nii kasutab ka Platon maailma loonud jumaluse kohta nimetust demiourgos (Timaios, 28 A, C, 29 A, 31 A), kuid ta ei pea jumalust halvaks, vaid hoopis heaks.
His "master craftsman" or Demiourgos, as told in his Timaeus, creates the universe by placing air and water between the extremes of fire and earth.