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Synonyms for demigod

a person with great powers and abilities

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a person who is part mortal and part god

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Did you forget that this great man, this hero, this demigod, is attacked with a malady of the skin which worries him to death, prurigo?
With the noble poise of his handsome head upon those broad shoulders, and the fire of life and intelligence in those fine, clear eyes, he might readily have typified some demigod of a wild and warlike bygone people of his ancient forest.
Just to have seen him there, lolling upon the swaying bough of the jungle-forest giant, his brown skin mottled by the brilliant equatorial sunlight which percolated through the leafy canopy of green above him, his clean-limbed body relaxed in graceful ease, his shapely head partly turned in contemplative absorption and his intelligent, gray eyes dreamily devouring the object of their devotion, you would have thought him the reincarnation of some demigod of old.
The faceless demigods of the EU pushed Greece into this position by including them in the Eurozone knowing of their inability to manage their finances.
Like demigods indulging a lesser species, they perpetuate the notion democratic elections change things, when it's blatantly obvious they don't.
Namely, students are being denied a comprehensive education because of decisions made by demigods who purport to know what's best for them.
On to the second bracket with five teams comprising Men's Non-rated Division, Bracket A has the PLU Demigods at the helm boasting an undefeated record, 4-0.
Meanwhile, the war between two all-powerful demigods continues--the tyrannical Odion spreads his empire and the despotic Zane stalks Theodore through a shroud of resistance known as the Opposition.
So you were not for turning Thank god for your arrogance The democracy you ignored While performing as a dictator listening only to your inner voice with spurious words of empathy loading your personal speeches which hastened your downfall for we in the United Kingdom can remove strutting demigods politicians obsessed with power whose megalomania takes over and self destructs the perpetrator who thinks they will always win and become immortal in history Hitler did so why not you
Churchill and Thatcher only won four between them, yet they and their acolytes clearly believed they were political demigods, which is why he had that state funeral and she gets one on the Queen Mother scale.
Four never-told-before stories add to the series as it tells of favorite demigods who continue to face perils and tasks almost beyond their abilities.
More recently, surfing films have staked out their own genre, focusing on extreme permutations of the sport, along with mammoth mountains of water, and the modern demigods who ride them.
While Salpingidis has earned himself a place on Mount Olympus -- shoulder to shoulder with other demigods like Hercules -- Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo would have easily gained the status of a villain because of many mistakes he committed in the match, according to experts on many TV stations after the encounter.
In this reference for general readers and students in high school and up, 94 alphabetical articles describe the most well-known heroes and heroines from Greek and Roman mythology, from Achilles to Troilus, and also cover overlapping demigods, nymphs, sorceresses, and other creatures that inhabited the mortal world and figured prominently in the myths of the heroes and heroines.
I think that two former prime ministers Clement Attlee and Margaret Thatcher had a point when they said that the referendum was a device of demigods and dictators.