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a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior

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Slang is a favourite of the underworld and the demi-monde.
The author sees courtesans as 'ghosts of society' who inhabited the demi-monde in ambiguity.
From an aristocratic family and educated at Harrow and Cambridge, Hewitt was at best an oddball, at worst a religious maniac, a loner who moved in the demi-monde of spiritualism, theosophism and similarly controversial offcuts of orthodox religion.
This excercise in word-playing nomenclature has a provocative purpose, hypothetically and freely associating Birmingham's designated cultural and learning quarter with another city's cultural demi-monde.
His portrait of Paris includes all strata of society; artists, intellectuals, the demi-monde, the famous, cafe life, haute cuisine, the fashion world.
Since his 1994 Russian mob drama "Little Odessa," he's fashioned a handful of movies set in and around New York City's immigrant working class and demi-monde.
David McVicar's production is, thanks to glorious designs by Tanya McCallin, a luxuriant experience, bringing to life the decadent demi-monde of the French capital.
But the celebrity video, accessed through the unknown demi-monde networks of the metropolis, has emerged as the illicit's last stand in a wider visual field which has been undermining the pornographic's transgressive credentials by poaching from its representational conventions, legitimising closer and closer views as they move in.
While McKiernan pens wry poems of wisdom and amusing domesticity, Liddy strives for meditative eloquence amid the bohemian demi-monde.
But Heilbron here highlights this demi-monde of "normal science" and its juggling of assumptions, measurements, techniques, theory, and calculation.
THE DRUG WORLD THAT AMERICANS once worried about was a shadowy demi-monde populated by hollow-eyed junkies toting needles, spoons, and Jefferson Airplane LPs.
She coughs a lot, but they embark on a whirlwind affair amidst the raffish glamour of the bohemian demi-monde.
Tarred with the same brush are the familiar denizens of the Indian demi-monde, here associates of the 'clerk'--dishonest merchants, greedy courtesans, playboys, fraudulent ascetics, etc.
Clubbers may no longer find themselves rubbing shoulders with the hardcore demi-monde - these days Hollywood's high profile younger crowd spends time here when in New York so it's all a little sanitised - but the district still has club class.