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son of Antigonus Cyclops and king of Macedonia

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St Demetrius ofAaAeAeA Thessaloniki, a Christian martyr who lived in the 4 century, is an important saint for Greeks, Bulgarians, Serbs, and Russians.
3) Some of the questions Demetrius raises are also dealt with in the Talmud, others are only dealt with by later commentaries.
POWERFUL: Demetrius Shipp Jr gives an energised performance as a singer
The Submerge series of short films was conceived by, scripted, produced and directed by Demetrius Witherspoon.
Demetrius and his girlfriend Jaydene Parsons, 23, agreed to the deal and the items were moved into their garden shed.
James Ireland, 23, and his work colleague Karl Demetrius, 30, helped Matthews moved the suitcases and box into Demetrius's shed in the early hours of February 24.
Twins Donovan and Karl Demetrius, 29, were in the dock with Karl's partner Jaydene Parsons, 23, and James Ireland, 23, flanked by relatives in the public gallery.
Karl Demetrius, 29, and Jaydene Parsons, 23, of Barton Court, Bristol, appeared at Bristol Magistrates' Court with Donovan Demetrius, 29, of Marsh Lane, Bristol, and James Ireland, 23, of Richmond Villas, Avonmouth.
Joining Mr Mohan are Harjit Samra, Andy Watts, Dave Quinney, Mike Murphy, Demetrius Demetriou and Dave Marlow They will provide guidance and support for businesses with turnover of up to PS25 million.
Demetrius as an example of civic identity, an intellectual biography of an emegre from Thessalonica, and an Akathistos hymn to St.
But eventually John was referred to Demetrius Evriviades, a consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgeon, who also practises at Aurora Clinics, based at the Priory Hospital, as well as the QE.
As King Randall sets out on a dragon quest, Demetrius and Violet stumble across a hidden room housing Nybbas in a mirror.
The key-note speaker David Demetrius has over 30 years' experience in management and consultancy to multi-national companies in Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa and Asia, covering a variety of sectors.
In the epitaph Diodorus clearly states that he knocked over his opponent Demetrius, but did not kill him.
It tells the story of the complex, interwoven relationships of Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius and Helena which are unwittingly complicated further due to the interference of the King of the fairies, Oberon, and his charming but incompetent assistant Puck, as the four enter their enchanted forest.