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(Greek mythology) goddess of fertility and protector of marriage in ancient mythology

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In addition to the acquisition, Renew Financial also entered a strategic alliance with Demeter Power Group, a Florida-based leader in financing of solar installations for small- and medium-sized businesses.
Demeter have capitalised on this opportunity by developing a software based product that meets the needs of target audience.
Concentrating on "The Myth of Demeter and Persephone" and "A Prince of Court Painters," the second half of the article addresses the extent to which Pater reproduces dominant Victorian discourses on femininity, how he transforms various elements of gender ideology into his own literary effects, and his pre-feminist interests in a matriarchal figure of empowerment.
Presented by Octagon's Associate Manager of Regulatory Operations, Janel Demeter, the session, Regulatory Business Processes with Regulatory Information Management in Mind, will take place as part of the conference's Discussing Regulatory Business Process Outsourcing stream.
HerbaBuena is releasing six strains of the Demeter Certified flowers, including two CBD-rich strains.
Talking to Daily News Egypt, Demeter Germany CEO Alexander Gerber said there are approximately 80 operators in Egypt certified by Demeter, specifying that those 80 operators represent 400 farmers.
In the late 1940s, we received our first official visit from Demeter to start working on the official certification, and even though we were doing everything right as far as adhering to the bio-dynamic practices, we realized that we had to do a lot of things better in order to make the farm economically sustainable," said Peters.
Demeter the mother turns heaven and earth in her agony, trying to find her.
The best new music in South Wales How did Demeter Grieving come together?
Makers of fragrances like 'Gin and Tonic' and 'Dirt', Demeter Fragrance Library have launched a new scent, called the Pizza Perfume, that supposedly smells like "the inside of a pizza box", ABC News reported.
The Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore; the inscriptions.
Nobody had an ATM, everyone was buying and selling on websites," said Demeter.
The fifth annual America's Farmers Food Drive at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL collected more than 22,000 pounds of food for food pantries in the Decatur area, including Catholic Charities, Northeast Community Fund and the Women in Agribusiness honors four with its inaugural Demeter Awards of Excellence:
Demeter markets two different versions of the cologne, one for each gender, which the fragrance library says can make the walking dead pass by without alerting their olfactory senses.
In 1928, Demeter International formed in Europe to promote biodynamic farming.