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(Greek mythology) goddess of fertility and protector of marriage in ancient mythology

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In addition to the new room sprays and candles, Demeter now offers new soaps and updated lotions and shower gels.
While marriage to Eros in Apuleius' story is Psyche's desired goal, the focus in Gagne's work is the journey itself, during which Psyche both "derives power from her growing awareness of the divine spark" (58) and, unlike Inanna and Demeter, "remains herself" throughout (52).
Demeter also demands that a producer must operate "a balanced farm ecosystem [and] crop diversification, which provides a favorable environment for animals and birds.
In this passage, the speaker Demeter identifies herself as earth-goddess, and thus separate and unique among the gods of Olympus who rule the universe.
We shall return to this thematic in relation to Demeter and Persephone.
Additionally, AIMCO is negotiating a definitive agreement with Demeter and Capricorn to acquire interests in some real estate interests controlled by NHP Partners, Inc.
In gratitude for Eleusinian hospitality, Demeter gave a bag of seeds to Celeus ' son Triptolemus and sent him in a chariot by winged dragons throughout the world to plant grain and teach its culture.
Presented by Octagon's Associate Manager of Regulatory Operations, Janel Demeter, the session, Regulatory Business Processes with Regulatory Information Management in Mind, will take place as part of the conference's Discussing Regulatory Business Process Outsourcing stream.
Modestspark's two employees, co-founders, Brad Demeter and Brian Bero, will join SS&C Advent and continue to support their existing clients utilizing other portfolio accounting solutions.
By 1928, the Demeter brand was registered in the German capital Berlin and that same year German immigrant farmer Rodolfo Peters took over the Finca Irlanda coffee estate in Mexico's southern state of Chiapas.
Edited by Tam[sz]s Demeter, Kathryn Murphy, and Claus Zittel
19 June 2013 - Eurazeo Croissance, the growth capital arm of French investor Eurazeo SA (EPA:RF), said it had bought a 93% stake, together with company management,A in local electric vehicle chargers maker IES-Synergy, a portfolio company of Demeter Partners.
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50am Table Tennis Challenger Series - L Demeter v E Chtchetinine 9.