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become immaterial

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1%, driven by video games, this content industry research provides a comparative analysis of dematerialisation on content industries including major points like: dematerialisation drives down prices and household expenditure; more value captured by producers and rights holders; from an ownership model to an access model; growth in legal offerings should help to restrict piracy and a shift towards yield management of cultural goods.
Dans ses conclusions declinees au cours de sa 26e session ordinaire, le conseil a appele a "l'acceleration, la reorientation de la strategie e-gov et la generalisation du recours a la dematerialisation des procedures notamment avec la creation d'une agence, rattachee au chef du gouvernement, qui sera chargee de veiller a la mise en coherence et a la supervision" de cette action.
This project, based on dematerialisation of subscription contracts, enables subscribers to authenticate themselves in complete security using a certificate exported on a SIM card and to access qualified and totally secure services via their mobile phone.
These imprinted with images and allied with the reflective walls of changing rooms contribute to the dematerialisation of space.
Additional information: the companies consultation file can be downloaded electronically from the market dematerialisation platform of the National Assembly, at the following url: https://assemblee-nationale.
Sasol will bear the costs of the dematerialisation of the Sasol BEE Ordinary Shares necessary for trading on the JSE.
The cones of empty space penetrating Jean Nouvel's department store in Friedrichstrasse are dramatic, but have more to do with the architect's play on the dematerialisation of the solid, 'to touch the infinite' - and with his interest in surface and texture as means of communication.
2008-1334 of 17 December 2008 amending various provisions governing contracts subject to public procurement code, of the order of 23 July 2015, public procurement, the Decree of 28 August 2006 made under Section I of Article 48 and Article 56 of the Public Contracts Code and on the dematerialisation of public procurement procedures formalized in articles 5-7 and the decree of December 14, 2009 on the dematerialization of public procurement procedures.
2006 made under Section I of Article 48 and Article 56 of the public procurement code relating to the dematerialisation of public procurement procedures formalized in articles 5-7 and the decree of 14.
Collage, multi-layered space, dematerialisation, dramatic distortions of scale and distance, arbitrariness even, as well as the opportunities that contemporary computing power offers -- all elements of Post-Modern culture -- play a part in generating the places that we need in our age.
These were celebrations of Modern dematerialisation of enclosure, and both highly Classical in conception, with services internalised to allow the facades to be regular.
Address : direction Organisation Informatique, Multimedia et Dematerialisation 50 Route de Moyrazes - B.
Main features: - a study mission, preparation and production of a local development plan, - the dematerialisation of a local development plan.
Contract award: dematerialisation of vital records of the city of brussels.
Contract notice: Process dematerialisation of administrative and financial procedures of the town of sanary-sur-mer.