line of credit

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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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The loan consists of a $100,000 demand line of credit and a five year term loan of $86,700.
4 million demand Line of Credit by a $600,000 cash payment and the issuance of a Term Note in the amount of $2.
During this phase, the Company expects to effectively refinance its current demand Line of Credit as a Long Term Note as permitted under the October 20, 1995 Loan Commitment from the Bank.
This Loan Commitment enables the company to refinance its current demand line of credit to a Note, payable in equal monthly payments of accrued interest and principal due using a 17 1/2 year amortization schedule.
Current Liabilities Demand Line of Credit $ 1,613,000 $1,502,000 Current Portion of Long-Term Debt 1,814,203 1,971,867 Accounts Payable 1,816,216 902,926 Accrued Expenses 1,412,545 1,615,989 Total Current Liabilities 6,655,964 5,992,782 Long-Term Debt, Net of Current Portion 4,041,422 1,712,502 Minority Interest in Subsidiary 80,936 37,791 Stockholders' Equity Preferred Stock, $.