demand-pull inflation

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inflation caused by an increase in demand or in the supply of money

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The policy conclusions to draw from these observations seem to be in favor of a mixture of fiscal and monetary policies that strike a balance between demand pull and deleveraging.
This is reminiscent of a relatively old debate in economics of innovation; is it technology push (supply side effects) or demand pull (demand side effects) that determine the launch of products/services in the market?
The committee said it would carry out a series of plans to cope with the global financial crisis and reinforce the domestic demand pull to boost the economic growth.
The government can adopt expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, which may cause demand pull inflation; simultaneously it has the power to impose indirect taxes or increase tax rate that may result in cost push inflation and finally it can generate "price/wage spiral" which trigger a process in which workers trying to keep their wages up with rise in prices and employers passing higher costs on to consumers.
However, it is important to note that inflation in Kuwait was demand pull inflation rather than speculative price increases.
What has encouraged me in the White Paper is that they have recognised the technical push argument is only half the story; there's a demand pull as well.
What is amazing about the Northwest is that it has probably the largest demand pull in the world.
One of the main objectives in creating a more agile force is minimization of the deployed footprint, drawing resources back to the point where they can be used most efficiently and flexibly, based on demand pull.
chain management focus to a demand pull consumption replenishment system
Just-in time is a demand pull system, as opposed to the traditional supply push system.
There is a good chance the ISDN CPE market will enter a demand pull phase by 1994.
Though the whole market situation of China's pesticide industry witnessed recovery with the demand pull this year, fungicides' market quotation confronted a downturn trend, especially in fungicide exports.
The demand pull for superconductors is escalating due to their raise in applications for commercial, health care, and industrial sectors.
Thus economists attribute both cost push and demand pull factors at work behind the rising prices.