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a loan that is repayable on demand


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During deliberation on progressive report, the meeting was informed that out of 225 filtration plants planned in Hyderabad Division, the payment against the 127 demand notes issued by HESCO has been made while 23 filtration plants have since been energized.
In addition, the Sixth Circuit disagreed that the demand notes represented equity because of the lack of a fixed maturity date.
In partnering with GMAC, we have enhanced our existing Asset Account Services product platform to meet the unique needs of the Demand Notes program.
During the term of the demand notes, one son made a partial repayment of $15,000; no other payments were received by Miller.
The government of Bangladesh has decided to restart gas connections to new residences in the capital city of Dhaka which had earlier received demand notes from the gas distribution firm concerned.
The joint operation was conducted after getting specific information about the movement of ULFA in the Teok area with a purpose to serve demand notes to some local businessmen of the area.
Between January 2002 and January 2003, SPEEDCOM received $3,268,000 in funding through the issuance of short-term demand notes (the "Demand Notes") to three institutional investors.
However, with interest rates at an all-time low, many owners could benefit by converting their open demand notes to long-term fixed debt instruments.
The bonds are variable-rate demand notes which Fitch expects to rate, based on liquidity provided by DEPFA and Dexia Credit Local.
13 million variable rate demand notes, fiscal year 2001-2002A A-1+
variable rate demand notes, series 2000, and the $15,500,000 (original principal amount; currently $11,860,000 in aggregate principal amount outstanding) Capital Industrial Development Corporation solid waste disposal revenue bonds (Texas Disposal Systems, Inc.
Through the use of the proceeds from the Variable Rate Demand Notes, CCMI will generate and fund on a scheduled basis, up to $25,000,000 for the national rollout of PPMC's patented "The Last Word(TM)" advertising display device.
Pursuant to the revised accounting treatment, the Company is recording $4,100,000 of non-cash interest expense resulting from the imputed discount on the demand notes issued in May and June 2001 to investors who applied such demand notes to the purchase of common shares in July 2001, producing an increase in interest expense for the quarter to $4,438,599 (and to $4,658,534 for the six-month period ended June 30, 2001.
Southwest") whereby Southwest stockholders (including common, preferred, option, warrant and debenture holders), along with holders of certain Demand Notes holders, will own approximately 92.
GMAC's outstanding $17 billion 'F-1' commercial paper is affirmed, including domestic and Euro commercial paper, GMAC demand notes, and programs of General Motors Acceptance Corp.