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a bank deposit from which withdrawals can be made without notice

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For Saudi banks, this continued influx of deposits represents a low-cost source of funds, especially as many demand deposits pay no return to the account holder.
33%, with the former being one percentage point higher than the latter, which is attractive enough for the bank's clients to convert demand deposits into time deposits.
Saudi depositors have gravitated toward demand deposits due to the low interest rate environment, taking the total ratio of funds held in this type of deposit from under 42 per cent at the start of 2009 to more than 54 per cent now.
The ratio of demand deposits to total deposits remains one of the highest in the industry, at 32.
M1, which refers to cash in circulation and demand deposits, increased 1.
Similarly, the M1 money supply (currency in circulation plus demand deposits, other deposits that work like demand deposits) fell 1.
In July, funds held in demand deposits advanced 26.
The LDP and NCP legislators said the government should keep the full-refund guarantee for demand deposits, including all types of ordinary deposits, beyond next April 1, the scheduled date for the guarantee to be lifted.
These wholesale business sweeps not only have avoided reserve requirements, but also have allowed businesses to earn interest on instruments that are effectively equivalent to demand deposits.
12) When MBS liquidations accelerate, the growth rates of demand deposits and M1 after removing the MBS effect are smaller than the published growth rates.
First, if a market does exist for financial instruments represented by demand deposits and core repurchase agreements of a community bank, as the FASB assumes in the sections I've already discussed, why does the FASB imply that estimates may be necessary alternatives to obtaining published quotes?
banks about their strategies to address the repeal of Regulation Q, which makes it possible for banks to pay interest on demand deposits.
41 trillion by the end of the third quarter of which 63 percent were demand deposits, according to a financial report.
Affected by fund transfer by local people from demand deposits to time deposits, M1B growth has been slackening in recent months, before a slight upturn in March.
M2 consists of cash in circulation, demand deposits, quasi-money consisting largely of time deposits, and certificates of deposit at domestic banks including Japanese branches of foreign banks.