deltoid muscle

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a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

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As for the Delts, it wasn't the physical rigors of pledging that took their toll as much as the emotional ones.
When President Carter called for draft registration my sophomore year, the Delts threw a G.
A few Delts had the kind of personalities that allowed them to dabble in fraternity life as one identity among many.
And the Delts weren't just any group; they arguably had more social cache than any other group on campus.
As we did, I looked across the street at the Phi Delt house and saw two of its brothers on the front porch.
None of the other houses really left their yards, though a few times Phi Delt rushed our lawn like a WWI trench charge for some intense, close-quarters combat before falling back.
By the end, the entire Phi Delt lawn was filled with guys standing three rows deep.
That's when the Delts began to work on an aggressive retirement plan.
While most financial planners advice against using life insurance as an investment vehicle, the Delts built up a cash value of $30,000 in a variable life insurance policy with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA).
This multifaceted savings and investment plan is the foundation on which the Delts hope to build a fiscally sound retirement program.
A series of delt stretches, deep-knee bends, and ab extensions left little doubt about La Lanne's mighty power of persuasion.
I like to kill two birds with one stone when I can (as long as the birds are lean and throwing the stone can give you a great lat and delt workout), so when in most gyms, I put on my social anthropologist jock strap and watchmy fellow enthusiasts.