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Synonyms for deltoid

a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

triangular or suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex

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14) reported similar electromyographic (EMG) activity in the anterior deltoid and pectoralis major during 3 repetitions at 80% of 1 maximum repetition (RM) on a bench and Swiss ball.
Subtle rTSA prosthesis design parameter differences have been demonstrated to significantly impact the amount of bone removed during implantation, (10,11) glenoid fixation, (12-15) and joint kinematics, including muscle moment arms, (16-26) residual muscle length, (25-30) and deltoid wrapping.
Free-weight exercises, such as barbell rows and dumb-bell flies, will work a number of muscles across the back and rear deltoids.
For the EMG measurements, skin was prepared over the anterior deltoid and mid-forearm with 4x4" gauze sponges moistened with acetone.
Bipolar sEMG of eight superficial muscles (descending parts of the trapezius, anterior and posterior parts of the deltoid, pectoralis major, long head of the biceps, long head and lateral head of the triceps, and latissimus dorsi) was recorded with circular, wet gel, silver/silverchloride electrodes (ARBO, type S93SG, Tyco/Healthcare Deutschland; Neustadt/Donau, Germany) at a sample frequency of 1,000 Hz.
For example, press ups work the pectorals of the chest, anterior deltoids of the shoulder and the triceps on the back of the arm.
The gluteal muscles, the quadriceps, calves, anterior deltoids of the shoulders, and erector spinae are the most important drive phase muscles for acceleration.
The major muscles of the arm and shoulders are the biceps, triceps and deltoids.
Works on: Inner thighs, glutes and anterior, medial and lateral deltoids.
This 3-year study shows evidence that Populus deltoids was the primary woody species that survives to maturity.
The main shoulder muscle, the deltoids, is in three sections.
deltoids--Can you shoulder the responsibility of learning your deltoids are muscles at the point of your shoulders?
1) 6 and under (2) 7 and 8 (1) knee (1) foot (2) dimple (2) node (1) liver (2) biceps (2) triceps (1) lobe (1) hair (2) deltoids (1) lung (1) brow (2) ligament (2) muscle (1) mouth (1) eye (2) spleen (2) nostril (1) neck (1) pupil (2) shoulder (2) patella (1) iris (1) limb (2) socket (2) eyelash (1) gums (1) face (2) vertebra (2) pharynx (1) spine (1) tube (2) bladder
That tree, the plains cottonwood (Populus deltoids occidentalis), proved critical to the survival of nomadic Indians and later the settlers who eventually shoved native Americans out of the western river bottoms that provided wild game for food and grass for ponies.