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Synonyms for deltoid

a large triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint and serving to abduct and flex and extend and rotate the arm

triangular or suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex

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Interventions included LC on both the infraspinatus and posterior deltoid muscles for the LC group, and passive cross-body stretch for the stretching group.
We found a simultaneous activation pattern in four subjects between the activation of the anterior and posterior parts of the deltoid muscle (Figure 6(b)) and in six subjects between the anterior part of deltoid and pectoral muscles (Figure 6(c)).
From here I treated pectoralis minor, subclavius and deltoid muscles by again stretching fascia and working into the tissues with my thumbs.
We could gaze upon his glistening pecs and deltoid muscles, light a few candles and go home spiritually uplifted.
Bjerregaard et al (4) reported that one of his 12 patients with deep lipomas of the thigh had pain sufficient to inhibit function of the leg, and Warner et al (7) described two cases of shoulder pain related to IM lipomas of the deltoid muscles.
With the resident on his/her abdomen or side, place your palms on the resident's lower back, stroke up the spine to the shoulders, out to the deltoid muscles, down the lateral back to the center of the lower back, and repeat.
A research study conducted at a major University earlier this year concluded that XLR8 contributes to gains in an athlete's upper body strength and showed that when wearing XLR8, the average isometric strength of the deltoid muscles, as well as the cervical flexors (muscles at the jaw and base of the neck), increased by 50 percent or more, depending on the individual.