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an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle

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Aerion says its wing design halves friction drag over the wing compared with conventional swept or delta wings, increasing power, lowering weight and improving fuel efficiency, thereby making supersonic flight commercially viable.
On the same day, the Vulcan flew over each of the ten RAF bases where Great Britain's nuclear deterrent aircraft - the V-Force - were based, tipping her giant delta wings to honour those who were ready to give their lives for their country.
The effects of the number of delta wings and the lateral and longitudinal displacement were analyzed.
She is expected to attract huge crowds and steal the show on the Saturday with the famous howl of her four Olympus jet engines, her startling manoeuvrability and the sight of her magnificent delta wings climbing almost vertically into the sky.
The new concept drawing included in the patent mounts the aircraftOs nacelles above delta wings with vertical stabilizers outboard of the engines.