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Delphinus is planning to launch a large multi-site clinical study to support a PMA application for a supplemental screening indication for women with dense breasts.
Based on the MEDC's recommendation, the MEGA board today approved a state tax credit for Delphinus Medical Technologies valued at $779,118 to encourage the company to expand in Michigan over competing sites in Boston and Chicago.
The Delphinus SoftVue system achieves these objectives through superior accuracy and the potential to eliminate up to two million unnecessary breast biopsies per year, which account for $2 billion in annual health care expenditures worldwide.
Her knowledge, her experience conducting transformational studies, and track record of gaining regulatory indications not realized before, will benefit Delphinus greatly in our clinical research and regulatory strategy efforts," Delphinus President/CEO Mark Forchette said.
However, based on observer data, the Pacific Offshore TRT reported in 2009 that it had achieved its short-term goal of reducing serious injuries and mortalities of all strategic stocks incidentally taken by the fishery to acceptable levels and achieved its long-term goal of reducing serious injuries and mortalities of all marine mammals except long-beaked common dolphins, Delphinus capensis, to insignificant levels (NMFS (72)).
The SWFSC cruises are as follows: CAMMS=The California Marine Mammal Survey; PODS =Population of Delphinus Stocks; ORCAWALE=Oregon, California, Washington Line-Transect and Ecosystem cruise; CSCAPE=The Collaborative Survey of Cetacean Abundance and the Pelagic Ecosystem.
This one is also close enough to be visible to the naked eye, on the edge of the constellation Delphinus the dolphin, and is known as Nova Delphini 2013.
Washington, August 20 ( ANI ): A white-dwarf star has erupted in the constellation Delphinus and has produced a nova that is the brightest since 2007.
The small but striking northern constellation Delphinus the Dolphin is known in Setswana as gakgala, "The Mopane Worm".
The firm used dummy assets to enhance the credit rating to save a deal that structured and sold Delphinus CDO 2007-1.
He is out of the Soviet Star mare Delphinus, a winner at three in France, making him a half-brother to 2,000 Guineas fifth and later Hong Kong Group 3 winner Saturn.
The M/V Delphinus sails Saturdays to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala via the above-mentioned ports, said Charlie Dominguez, VP of sales for Crowley's Latin America services.
It is important to note that on mainland Portugal, the harbour porpoise is also known as "toninha" which is a name used in the Azores for many dolphins, especially the common dolphin Delphinus delphis.