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(Greek mythology) the oracle at Delphi where a priestess supposedly delivered messages from Apollo to those who sought advice

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Why does he put so much emphasis on the interpretation scene by distorting and even inverting the patterns that Delphic oracle stories normally follow?
In Ancient Greece, people sought the advice of the Delphic Oracle, which spoke on behalf of the sun god Apollo.
Like Yeats in his old age, Carruth is something of a wild old wicked man, reveling in desire ("I too have found my Nausicaa") and imagining, like Yeats in "News for the Delphic Oracle," the pleasures of sex in the afterlife.
One doesn't have to be a Delphic oracle to predict the significance of this on the representation of this part of the San Fernando Valley.
Next month, a week after Cunningham, the Delphic oracle of modern dance, celebrates his eightieth birthday, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company will stage his latest work, Biped, clocked at forty-five minutes, to live music by the British composer Gavin Bryars and his ensemble, with computer-generated decor by Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar.
In other words, they fail to comply with the precept of the Delphic oracle "Know thyself.
In ancient Greece, the Delphic Oracle used the narcotic effect of laurel to induce prophetic powers.
This, sadly, will neutralise it, for after vast mathematical calculations, tea-leaf reading and appeals to the Delphic Oracle it emerges that if everyone keeps clean sheets goals can by no means be nicked and every game ends 0-0.
Jokai is not a modern Cassandra but rather a feminist Delphic Oracle.