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of or relating to Delphi or to the oracles of Apollo at Delphi


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Delphian Systems, an affiliate of Belwith Products LLC, owns and maintains the intellectual property associated with the SecuRemote technology.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- New instrumentation and computer software that provide significant improvements in speed and precision in developing and controlling the quality of pharmaceuticals are now being marketed by Delphian Technology L.
Other Prominent Vendors in the market are ABB, Alpha MOS, Alphasense, AMETEK, City Technology, Delphi Automotive, Delphian, DENSO, Draegerwerk, E2V Technologies, Emerson Electric, Figaro Engineering, Freescale Semiconductor, General Electric, Halma, Heraeus Holding, Honeywell International, Horiba, Industrial Scientific, International Sensor Technology, Mine Safety Appliances, Nova Biomedical, Ocean Optics, RAE Systems, Siemens, Smiths Detection Teledyne Monitor Labs, Thermo Fisher Scientific, United Technologies and Xylem.
The trio's third album, I Blame Society, is loaded with synthesiser hooks and serves as an outlet for songwriter Greg Goldberg to externalise his Delphian emotions.
David has also sung in opera, given song recitals, appears with a number of professional ensembles including the Delphian Singers (which David also manages) in London and a newly formed professional male voice quartet also based in London.
Furthermore, RCC was detected in the Delphian nodule and the right jugular vein in the right omohyoid muscle, which was taken during the neck dissection.
In addition, the duo have agreed that Suri will not attend the Delphian, a Scientology school in Oregon, like her step brother and sister, instead will be admitted to another school.
He was killed either by a Delphian or Delphians because of a quarrel over sacrificial meat at the altar of Apollo (Pindar, Nem.
In the concert the Swiss trio will take part: Paul Haemig (flute), Midori Dumermuth (guitar), Anne-Catherine Vonaesch (violin), Kyrgyz musicians - prize winners of international contests Gulshan Konusheva (piano), Zaira Raimbekova (soprano) and winner of Delphian games from Kazakhstan - Sayan isin (tenor).
Unhappily for Lindahl's, their subject turned out to be Greek, and last week a judge ordered the dairy to pay the Delphian E160,000 in damages.
SYKES, Gordon Pelican Pell Finds New Friends Delphian, 2009 unpaged $27.
He took him out of the country and gave him to some Delphian to raise.
Alatini's encyclopedic interest ranges from the Delphian oracle Pythonisa (53) to the Roman historian Valerius Maximus, to the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.
Earlier this month, Delphian released its newest fiber optic Rainbow Dynamic Dissolution Monitor.