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As competition for commerce revenue intensifies on the Web, destination sites are learning that users who stick around are much more likely to buy," said Dan Bruns, chief executive officer for Delphi Forums.
Delphi Forums has proven its ability to attract and retain users by enabling them to create and maintain their own interactive communities.
May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi Forums, the Web's community creation services company, today announced it is meeting unprecedented demand for its newly launched Web community-enabling service model, and has signed partnership agreements with three leading Internet companies: XOOM.
Other top-ranking Delphi forums range from Business Week's business schools guide to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater forum to the ultimate forum for Days of Our Lives fans, in addition to Imagine Media's own PC Gamer forums.
By supporting the back-end billing and feature plans for the DelphiPlus and DelphiAdvance membership plans, Select Groups has helped Delphi Forums generate more than 17,000 paid subscribers.
The enhanced services have already been adopted and are immediately available to certain premium members of Delphi Forums (www.
When Delphi Forums and Well Engaged merged to form Prospero in January of this year, we felt it was imperative to build a new brand identity that demonstrates our unique business solution and technical strengths," said Waldman.
Prospero Technologies, created by the combined resources of Delphi Forums and Well Engaged is one of the Web's leading audience activation services companies, Prospero's ASP solution includes feature-rich message boards and chat.
Created by joining Well Engaged and Delphi Forums, Prospero Technologies is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass.
The L90|Women & Health channel currently represents over 190 million impressions a month on premium sites including Delphi Forums, Bella Online, PBS Arts, PBS Body & Spirit, Fit Pregnancy Online, and Shape Online from Weider Publications.
Formed by the January merger of Well Engaged and Delphi Forums, Prospero's combined organization has already been hailed by clients as setting the standard in the field of online community development, services and consulting.