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remove from the proper or usual locality

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This experience of being delocalised at home finds an analogue in the experience of the animals we see living out their days in the zoo and in Richard Billingham's 2007 exhibition, People, Places, Animals at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.
One of the key points of this study was information technology penetration at enterprise level, regarding different types of network access, integrated business solutions, data exchange and integrated support systems for delocalised activities.
Properties of this state, such as the high energy and the delocalised fMRI signals, allow the person to perform the interconnected activities that make up our everyday lives.
Transactions are not simply delocalised, they are also part of: (a) an interplay between information, knowledge, skills, beliefs, forms of expression and social interaction, which collectively may be termed "educational transactions"; and (b) a complex and dynamic arena that constitutes the websi te, the community and the interactions between them (Chesebro & Bertelsen, 1998; Hakken, 1999).