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collecting the charges upon delivery

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MSCI had already extended the review period for the potential reclassification of the MSCI Qatar Index and the MSCI UAE Index from Frontier Market to Emerging Market status to December 2011, following the implementation of new delivery versus payment (DVP) models on the Qatar Exchange, Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in May 2011, in order to give additional time for market participants to assess the effectiveness of these models and for the regulators and the stock exchanges to address the remaining concerns raised by international institutional investors.
MSCI delayed its decision from June to allow it to get more feedback on UAE bourses' new delivery versus payment (DvP) settlement systems, the international standard.
Given that the new delivery versus payment (DVP) models were introduced only in May 2011, few market participants have had the opportunity to make a full assessment yet and MSCI said the additional review period will also give more time to the regulators and the stock exchanges to address the remaining concerns raised by international institutional investors.
Regulators need to tackle issues like introducing new instruments besides the pure longing of stocks of listed companies, improved mechanisms like Delivery Versus Payment (DVP), auxiliary tools like security lending and borrowing, licensing new financial services like investment management and regulate existing practices like rating agencies, auditing firms and research and financial analysis services.
This, says the SFC, could have been achieved through a simple delivery versus payment arrangement, such as by using the Central Clearing and Settlement System.
Loan/SERV also will offer cash settlement capabilities including Delivery versus Payment (DVP) beginning in 2010.
With more and more foreign investors looking to buy and sell in the UAE, clearly the newly implemented delivery versus payment system, introduced as part of the MSCI criteria, has now been fully tested.
The delivery versus payment system, a requirement made by the index provider, is a procedure in which payment for a security must be made when the security is delivered.
Recently, DFM initiated a series of initiatives as part of its drive to get by international best practices such as the forthcoming implementation of Delivery versus Payment (DvP) and many other mechanisms that will facilitate promoting UAE markets into higher rankings internationally and ultimately reflect positively on the market, the company statement said.
DFM adopted enormous development plans years ago including the implementation of the Delivery versus Payment (DVP) in 2011, as well as reviewing and updating its procedures in line with this mechanism.
The SCA issued a number of new regulations, including regulations for Delivery versus Payment (DvP), Securities Custodian, Margin Trading and regulations that support corporate investment like regulations for Mutual Funds, Market-maker and its related regulations (Short-Selling, Securities Lending and Liquidity Provider).
Longtop will help the Big Four customer meet the People's Bank of China's regulatory requirement regarding Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) in the inter- bank bond market.