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English composer of orchestral works (1862-1934)

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Off the pace, Aherlow and Aquilifer couldn't cope and Bishops Yarn, the joint-favourite with Delius, just couldn't get his jumping together, despite having far more scope than Bonanza Boy to work with.
Tasmin Little - another welcome visitor to Liverpool - was soloist in the Delius Violin Concerto.
Anyone acquainted with seminal biographical works on Frederick Delius and Peter Warlock--or, as he appears in this book with his real name, Philip Heseltine--will have naturally retained a major fascination for the relationship between these two men of quite different temperaments.
In these densely packed pages Delius depicts what might have been the thoughts of the actual Berlin musician whose story inflamed the media in 1997.
Born here, Delius spent a while in Mexico before settling in Amsterdam.
The group of enthusiastic musicians, who, with guidance from professionals, have blown the cobwebs off their instruments in order to take up playing again, perform a programme of Franck, Wagner, Andy Jackson and Delius.
The Delius Violin Concerto will be played by Tasmin Little, and this has significance, as its first recording was made here in 1944 by Albert Sammons, who had premiered it many years before.
Ladbrokes): 4-6 Rhyzome Wizard, 2 Zigzag Dutchman, 9 Iceman Kai, Iceman Ross, 20 Delius Jupiter, Delius Mars
Next, Sullivan deals with the African American impact on the English composers Frederick Delius and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.
DELIUS, BRIDGE, IRELAND, RUBBRA, CLARKE, KEYS Alexander Baillie / John Thwaites Somm Records is adroit at filling gaps in the catalogue with rarely-heard British music.
TUESDAY Spires Youth Orchestra, conductors John James and Colin Touchin - festive and romantic music by Handel, Strauss, Delius, Coleridge-Taylor: Leamington Town Hall, 1pm.
TITLE: Huddersfield Choral Society and BBC Philharmonic Orchestra VENUE: Huddersfield Town Hall REVIEW: William Marshall RETHINKING Delius as the ambitious composer of epic choral and orchestral works is not always easy, so familiar are we with his distilled essence in the smaller scale pieces that have remained so popular.
30pm, will also include works by Bach, Schubert and Delius.
Elgar died in 1934, the same year that saw the death of two other great English composers - Gustav Holst and Frederick Delius.
81sec, while the other two heats saw trainers Lance Burford and Cherie Llewellyn involved in the finishes, with Burford's Iceman Kai beating Llewellyn's Delius Mars, then roles reversed as Delius Jupigo beat Iceman Ross.