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English composer of orchestral works (1862-1934)

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It's typical languorous Delius, very pleasant and well played by Peter Fisher who also directs the orchestra.
DELIUS AND IRELAND: Delius Prize: Birmingham Conservatoire.
The Delitherm range was also awarded the Blue Drop Award at the MoOD international upholstery fabrics, furnishing fabrics and wallpapers producers fair in Bruxelles on 12th September 2012, which was personally received by Johannes Delius.
And he and fellow Delius enthusiast Tasmin Little, who both fall into the 'like' category, have spent their careers championing the composer born in Bradford 150 years ago.
One of Germany's most significant literary voices, Delius won the prestigious Georg Buchner Prize in 2011, but he remains inexplicably unknown in the English-speaking world.
Among the small number of critical studies of the Delius text, Carol Arme Costabile-Heming and Stuart Taberner offer insightful critiques that address both the centrality of Berlin as a thematic concern in the Delius novel, as well as the contextualizing of history as a burden that frames representations of the past.
The concert, titled To The Paradise Garden, features music from Delius, Bruch and Vaughan Williams.
gt;> TODA UNA MUJER, de Antonio Delius, publicado por Delius y EI Peloton, S.
After beginning his career in television, Mr Russell made his name with a series of films about great composers such as Elgar, Delius, and Liszt.
The Copyright Committee held one open session in Moscow at which Helen Faulkner gave a presentation on copyright in the music of the music of Frederick Delius.
2) Russell's contributions are significant because over the past half century he has given thousands of viewers their first exposure to Debussy, Delius, Elgar, Liszt, Mahler, Tchaikovsky, and others.
Clive Anderson (above) introduces a concert marking the 75th anniversary of the deaths of three greats - Delius, Elgar and Holst.
English Tone Pictures: Bax, Delius, and Ireland: Sir John Barbirolli, London Symphony Orchestra and Halle Orchestra.
What follows are two separate accounts from Captain Scott Delius, US Army National Guard, and Chief Petty Officer Mike Ploeger, US Navy Reserve.