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(Old Testament) the Philistine mistress of Samson who betrayed him by cutting off his hair and so deprived him of his strength

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a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive

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Maxwell "I saw Dean and Delilah in the middle of the river and I saw them go under the water.
She was kept in hospital overnight; however in the next morning she noticed that she had had a small bleed and that Delilah was not moving.
The new version, which includes the lyrics "They can't stop Delilah, We won't drop Delilah" might go on sale one day.
I found Delilah to be inspirational and genuine," said James Schenck, president and CEO of PenFed.
The old me would have watched Delilah play from the 'comfort' of the sofa - the new me was down on the floor with her.
Delilah stays engaged with fans from all over the world on social media by sharing her artwork, photos, songs, and radiant positivity.
Delilah walks beautifully on the lead and is house-trained.
Delilah, who will follow her man back to the US this year, just giggled when we asked if he was a good kisser.
I am especially pleased with Lil - that''s what we call Wyckoff Delilah.
I am especially pleased with Lil - that's what we call Wyckoff Delilah.
The grumpy sandal-wearing landlord was a legend in his own drinking-up time for blistering renditions of the Tom Jones' classic Delilah - with FOUR top will soon be bags for in the trying to veteran drummer "Animal" leading the whole pub in "ha-ha-ha-hah" as Wal bellowed "She stood there laughing.
Plain White T's, "Hey There Delilah," Every Second Counts (Hollywood Records 2007)
Delilah is a teen who would prefer to escape into the pages of a book than live in a world where she doesn't fit in.
But dear old Minnie never thought of it as love, lust and passion unlike Delilah who completely lives the song and its sentiments.