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French composer of operas (1836-1891)

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Cinco horas con Mario: La obra de Miguel Delibes de nuevo en los escenarios.
The holy innocents", a screen version of the novel "Los santos inocentes" by well-known Spanish writer Miguel Delibes depicts rural Spain half a century ago, when prejudices, inequalities and ignorance wreaked havoc among Spaniards.
This was interpreted as indicating the existence of a privileged minority which attained its high social status by controlling the production and distribution of salt (Delibes 1993; Delibes et al.
Miguel Delibes: homenaje academico y literario presents the reader with a dual approach to the persona of one of Spain's most important novelists, Miguel Delibes.
The story of a young girl who meets a mysterious stranger on a California beach - detailed in the 68-page booklet - it's classic good versus evil stuff, borrowing liberally from Delibes, Beethoven, Mozart and Grieg.
Miguel Delibes, one of Spain's top novelists whose works portrayed the country's upheavals following its 1936-39 civil war, died Friday after a lengthy battle with colon cancer.
From his post at San Francisco Ballet, Jamie Narushchen has assembled authoritative and inspiring selections from the great story ballets by Prokofiev, Delibes, Glazunov, and more in a format friendly to both teachers and balletomanes.
His Sylvia takes Delibes so seriously he even includes the Act Two Entr'acte, a musical repeat of Act One's valse lente.
The ballet, which was written by French composer Leo Delibes, centers on a doll maker searching to find a way to bring one special doll to life.
The program includes a transcription of "March to the Scaffold" from the Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz, "Pines of Rome" from "Pines of the Appian Way" by Ottorino Resphigi, tunes from the opera "Lakme" by Leo Delibes, First Suite in E-flat for Military Band by Gustav Holst, "La Cuparsita" by Matos Rodriguez and two Leroy Anderson arrangements, "Blue Tango" and "The Penny-Whistle Song.
His Lakme: The Flower Duet, 2004, is Delibes by way of Bollywood, while several images evoke the magic realism of Tim Burton.
There are exceptions to this perception, as with the latest novel by Miguel Delibes, where the five hundred pages of prose seem to metamorphose into 120 minutes of satisfying celluloid.
Claude DeLibes, president of DeLibes Marketing, which handles U.
From new productions of Lakme by Leo Delibes and Tamerlano by George Frideric Handel to a revival of Meredith Monk's Quarry, Dublin's Gate Theatre in a "superb" (The Dallas Morning News) adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, the Festival Orchestra's powerful performance of Gustav Mahler's Sixth Symphony, and 39 other events in over 130 performances, the 2003 festival was filled with triumphs, all of the highest artistic caliber.
Its libretto by French librettist Charles Nuitter and music by composer Leo Delibes, "Coppelia" tells the story of two lovers, Swanhilda and Franz, in a village of Poland.