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an assembly of people for the purpose of unhurried consideration and discussion

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While the House of Representatives is known for quickly passing highly-partisan bills, and the Senate ridiculed for being the place where House bills go to die, we should never shy away from our identity as the worlds greatest deliberative body.
THE SENATE prides itself as being the greatest deliberative body in the world.
The mission statement of The Florida Bar, a nonpartisan deliberative body led by a president and Board of Governors elected by lawyers across the state, is to "inculcate in its members the principles of duty and service to the public, to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of jurisprudence.
The Assembly of Experts is a deliberative body of Mujtahids (Islamic theologians) that is tasked with appointing and removing Iran's supreme leader and supervising his activities.
Because it is this group that supervises the Iranian supreme leader's activities, and given the fact that the 88-member deliberative body -- who are directly elected by public vote for eight-year terms -- yield so much power, it was mind-boggling to note that nearly 80 per cent of candidates who applied for the Assembly were disqualified.
5 per cent of the world's population, the General Assembly has become the single most representative, deliberative body in the world.
More important, however, is the fact that election to the Senate elevates a candidate to what was once considered the "greatest deliberative body in the English speaking world.
Keep them at peace with what we do as a deliberative body," he said.
Minutes from the earliest meetings are closed to researchers but contemporary accounts speak of a deliberative body preparing for Christ's imminent reign.
Senate set out to rebuild the crumbling image of the world's greatest deliberative body, they started from the ground up.
Composed of elected representatives from all coffee growing regions of the country, this Congress is the highest deliberative body of the FNC, where coffee growers voice their needs and define the agenda of their organization.
Given the security situation in Libya and that the CDA is a collective, deliberative body, these members do not want to be steamrolled by their presidency or by the public into publishing something that they consider premature.
Of course, one might imagine that a deliberative body, through democratic processes, could curtail a number of the resources available to disadvantaged citizens.
During that time he's made a name for himself as one ofthe more libertarian-spirited members of The World's Greatest Deliberative Body.
When the Rabbis imagined the Great Sanhedrin, the high court and the great judicial deliberative body, they regulated the court's deliberation such that the most junior members are given the right to speak first so that they would not be intimidated by the more senior members.