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an assembly of people for the purpose of unhurried consideration and discussion

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By signing it, local representatives commit themselves to supporting efforts against human trafficking; they can also pledge to submit the declaration to their deliberative assemblies for adoption.
Having been at the margins of ecumenical councils and deliberative assemblies for more than a half century, I have found reason to respect pope after pope, council after council, committee after committee for all that they have achieved since 1958.
But potential problems in authorization and in nonresponsiveness to sanctions ought to make us wary for a while of anything other than an advisory role for deliberative assemblies drawn by lot.
A good case can be made for Robert's Rules; a system which evolved out of America's revolutionary experiment in directly democratic deliberative assemblies by town meetings and voluntary associations.
Especially since the 1960s, conferences have had less the character of deliberative assemblies and more the character of mass celebrations.
General Henry M Robert, original author of Robert's Rules, said it well: "Ignorance of the rules and customs of deliberative assemblies is a heavy handicap to anyone who expects to influence the policy of a society.
City of Fos-sur-Mer was appointed coordinator of the group according to the respective deliberations deliberative assemblies of these public entities.
City of Fos sur Mer has been appointed coordinator of the group in accordance with the respective deliberations deliberative assemblies of these public entities.