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As creative people, we have freedom of speech, but we have to know how to use that freedom," added Aamir, underlining how he had ensured that an A- certificate was given to the film Delhi Belly , which was meant for the adult audience.
Delhi Belly has the potential of destroying, in a single stroke, all the goodwill we have built in the last 10 years," Aamir wrote on his blog aamirkhan.
While the trio of English swimmers enjoyed success, the complexion of the meet altered drastically as Delhi belly took hold - with more than half the British swimmers treated for varying levels of illness.
SICKNESS: While Delhi belly was inevitable to some degree, sickness cut a swathe through the swimming teams.
THE sun has finally got me to - and a touch of Delhi Belly - so I'm glad to be back to the chill of the north and a decent curry.
England's 4x100m medley relay team And having repeated her European Championship efforts and climbed the podium five times and battled Delhi Belly Halsall insists it is time to put her feet up.
NEW DELHI: Swimmer Fran Halsall ignored a dose of Delhi Belly to win a shock women s 50 metre butterfly gold and kick-start England s Commonwealth Games Ashes battle with rivals Australia on Tuesday.
We don't want people to suffer from Delhi belly so the less time they are there, the better.
Then I realised the reason for my acute case of Delhi belly (although I must stress there was nothing cute about it) was Darnell and Sara.
The book says Yellow fever, though it could be Delhi Belly
She decided to write ( and direct) a play on the subject after actress Poorna Jagannathan ( of Delhi Belly fame) contacted her on Facebook.
said, "The director has ruined a perfectly good script and has given an absolutely boring version of the exciting and racy Delhi Belly.
FROM Delhi belly to broken bones, it's a sad fact that half of all holidaymakers return home ill or injured.
FROM the dreaded Delhi belly to a nasty case of sunburn, holiday health hazards can ruin your trip.
Even an interjection from my end where I name-drop Delhi Belly, Dhobi Ghaat and Peepli Live (Bollywood's renowned off-beat films) doesn't make him budge.
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