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at New Delhi, India from 11th to 14th September, 2014.
Since 2005, co-infections with >2 DENV serotypes have been reported in Delhi, India (8).
The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP) will hold its 48th Annual General Meeting at the Hytall Hotel in New Delhi, India, April 16-19.
A graduate of the University of Delhi, India, Chugh also attended the Lady Shri Ram College to earn her B.
New Delhi, India is a leading company in the field of filtration, supplying special purpose machinery and equipment for the filtration industry as well as pulp and paper testing equipment.
The Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) sent their Mobile Education Team (MET) to New Delhi, India in 2004 to present a seminar.
A testament to the corrosion-resistant properties of iron, an iron pillar has stood in the same place in Delhi, India since 400 A.
Global experts shared their knowledge about these vehicles at an international conference held 30 March-1 April 2004 at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in Delhi, India.
A TWO-WEEK peacekeeping exercise was held in New Delhi, India, to help build regional security in South Asia and increase interoperability and readiness among the 17 participating nations.
Japan Airlines (JAL) said Thursday it will cancel a round-trip flight between Narita and Delhi, India, on Sunday and Monday due to rising military tensions between India and Pakistan.
On November 5 the Holy Father will arrive in New Delhi, India, for a four- day visit with India's 141 bishops and with the bishops who participated in the 1998 Asian Synod.
For more information, contact the Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament, c/o Kamal Mitra Chenoy, 39 Dakshinapuram, JNU Campus, New Delhi, India, 110067.
The six human beings represent 6 million Tibetans,'' the actor told reporters in New Delhi, India.
Nasdaq-NNM: TECUA, TECUB) announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Siel Limited of New Delhi, India for the creation of a joint venture to manufacture refrigeration and air conditioning compressors in India.
Originating 154 kilometers below the surface, the shock generated seismic waves felt as far away as Delhi, India, about 1,000 km from the epicenter.