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a circuit designed to introduce a calculated delay into the transmission of a signal

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Our in-line monitoring system consists of: 1) a homemade ultrasound probe, assembled by a homemade delay line, an adaptor, and a standard ultrasound transducer with a center frequency of 5 MHz; 2) an ultrasound pulser/receiver; and 3) a data acquisition system on a computer.
Older delay lines were trimmed to specifications using laser fuses.
PI films with and without a chromium interface layer were studied, in two different dual delay line sensor configurations.
Founded in 1998, Eastern OptX designs and develops fiber optic delay lines for the RF and microwave applications.
The Series 10000 includes all of the valuable features of other Eastern OptX products, including programmable delay lines to 40 GHz, range formula target amplitudes, Doppler radar generation, dynamic multipath, and sophisticated software.
The E-501 and E-3001 delay lines allow engineers to create repeatable range accuracy by replicating the target distance and propagation loss with a benchtop system in a lab.
of Newcastle-under-Lyme in the UK who are World leaders in the design and manufacture of video filters and delay lines for the professional broadcast industry.
Many of these spaces are very deep and setting up delay lines is not very desirable.
has received a purchase order from NASA - Johnson Space Center for development of custom surface acoustic wave ("SAW") delay lines and temperature sensors.
an all-new Xinger-brand circulator, the first ever true SM circulator -- a Xinger-brand SM delay line, also an industry first, that eliminates the need for time-consuming, trimmed coax delay lines -- a high-performance Xinger-brand, fully integrated vector modulator that simplifies amplifier component counts -- a new range of Xinger-brand "pico" couplers available at under 50 cents in volume -- and a family of RF Power-brand Alumina resistors that represent a very cost-competitive alternative to BeO and AiN parts in low- to medium- power applications
The sale of these assets of Automatic Coil, a manufacturer of inductors, transformers, filters, delay lines and other electronic assemblies, represents the final step in the company's decision to divest itself of its electronic operations.
ICS) (NASDAQ: ICST) the world leader in silicon timing solutions, and its Micro Networks subsidiary will showcase their portfolio of SAW filters, SAW oscillators, SAW delay lines, custom hybrids, custom ASIC packaging, and data conversion products for wireless, telecommunications, and military electronics in Booth #439 at the 2005 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium.
The Company's standard products include digital delay lines, thermo-electric cooler controllers and high speed laser diode drivers.
In addition to custom circuits, the Company's standard products include Laser Diode Drivers, Thermo-Electric Cooler Controllers, DC Heaters and Digital Delay Lines.