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one that accuses

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More importantly, Tacitus' description of Crispinus highlights two essential motivations for a typical delator.
93) Yet another delator remarked rather disarmingly that he had adopted Judaism, not because any "Judaizer" had threatened to harm or kill him, but because the alternative was to remain socially and economically isolated--"alone" and "without anyone"--among the expatriates.
Along a tarn a delator entangled a dragline Boasting o' tonnages, dogies, ants, and stones As long as Lind balled Gandas near a gas log As it late lit rigatoni and a tag line.
The right to file charges against a fellow citizen was not in itself new, but took on a new character when the state began awarding the delator a share of the property of the accused; a successful accusation of treason, for example, carried as a prize a quarter of the victim's estate.
Conquest adds that "after Morosov, a whole cycle of delators of mothers and fathers was celebrated in the Soviet Press, and entered in the Pioneer 'Book of Honour.
And if his utterances over a sundowner glass of South African wine have been reported to Rome, this can only indicate delators at work, as unreliable as they are despicable.
For other items, implicit price delators provided by BEA, or constructed from BEA series or from combinations of BEA series and non-BEA TISA components, are used to deflate current-dollar measures.