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Synonyms for dehumanize

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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RAPE is a cruel, violent and dehumanising crime that frequently subjects its victims to the added pain of being denied justice.
Some theologians see reproductive technology as usurping of the role of God, and as essentially dehumanising.
Hartmut Frank tells of German systematised window systems between the wars leading to the great success of Neufert's standardised details, which the author finds not at all dehumanising, this is followed by Giorgio Muratore's description of less happy attempts to systematise construction in post-war Italy.
French art house favourite Bruno Dumont (La Vie De Jesus, L'Humanite) contrasts the two scenes, underlining the dehumanising nature of daily life in war and peace.
That the cloning - which involves the destruction of human embryos, dehumanising the human being at the first stage of its embodiment - is obvious.
Meadows, who will move up to silver if Semenya is disqualified following a 'gender verification test', said: "Caster should never have been put in that position - it's dehumanising her.
He added: "Their experience is destructive, dehumanising and destroys their dignity.