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Synonyms for consanguinity

(anthropology) related by blood

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As a conclusion, there exists a significant relationship between the degree of kinship and bipolar disorder.
These are his brothers and sisters and their descendants, the brothers and sisters of his father and mother and their descendants, and a much greater number of collateral relatives descended from common ancestors still more remote, but who are nearer in degree of kinship to him than other individuals at large.
Effectively is what is verified: in order to determine the line or the degree of kinship, it is taken always as a reference the relation of ascendancy and descendants, that is, affiliation.
Prior to the 2009 House of Representatives election, the DPJ, which is now struggling with falling public support, adopted a policy to ban its candidates from inheriting the constituencies of relatives within the third degree of kinship.
They took a similar tack last year when they tried to attack overcrowding by redefining what constitutes a family - one or more persons occupying a dwelling unit and living together as a single housekeeping unit, not including a group of more than three persons who are not within the second degree of kinship.