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In this article, we describe our study to determine whether the prevalence of cervical lymph node involvement is influenced by tumor size, degree of differentiation, and depth of invasion.
Last but not least, the sensitivity of industry profits to the degree of differentiation affects the equilibrium size of the license.
In the eyes with PRD, the age at enucleation seemed to reflect the degree of differentiation of the associated retinoblastoma.
The ability to manipulate the degree of differentiation of an easy-to-grow immortal human urothelial cell line by cell culture conditions would have enhanced value for modeling the response of human urothelium to environmental agents.
To what extent rules or activities ought to be harmonized, who chooses the optimal degree of differentiation (and therefore of homogenization), what are the best processes to find the limits--these are some of the problems that necessarily must be solved.
12) This focus on the terminology used to discuss 'civil society' reflects a rejection of some elements of the civil society concept, in particular its component of secularism, but implicitly admits, at least a degree of differentiation between civil society and state.
The degree of differentiation in the niche strategy is more intense than that of the broadly based differentiation strategy.
This approach allows broadcasters to achieve a high degree of differentiation with ticker graphics that exactly match their look and without the cost and time needed to develop a completely custom system.
Our common goal is to develop novel biologics with a high degree of differentiation for high-value therapeutic targets.
Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has exhibited a breakthrough approach / degree of differentiation innovation compared to other market participants in terms of unique or revolutionary technology.
The genetic differences between the populations of horned lizards in California are striking - nobody could have predicted this high degree of differentiation simply by looking at the physical differences between the lizards," Leache said.
Degree of differentiation innovation compared to other market participants, positive impact on sales directly related to product differentiation, time to market improvement based upon product differentiation strategy, benefit to end users due to product uniqueness and effect of product differentiation on ease of adaptability for new end-user applications as well as on market maturation were among the measurement criteria used to rank market participants.
The prognosis of these tumors depends on the stage, the degree of differentiation, and the presence or absence of tumor rupture.
This gives room for a higher degree of differentiation, protecting the specific drug from generic erosion in the future.
The whole aviation market for explosives detection is worth well over US $1 billion a year and DSC's product will have a high degree of differentiation within the sector,'' said Dr Basu.