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The diagnostic value of CT technology for lung adenocarcinoma has been widely reported, but the relationships between CT characteristics and the degree of differentiation of pathological tissues remain largely unknown.
A report based on DNA sequencing indicated same results of reasonable degree of differentiation between Jordan goat breeds (Al- Atiyat et al.
The most important prognostic factors are the stage of the tumour at diagnosis and the degree of differentiation in histopathological examination.
The degree of differentiation is understood as "set and outcome of dynamic and interactive exchanges that occur between leaders and members, the nature of which (transactional versus social exchange) may differ across dyads within a work group" (Henderson et al.
What's more, Vesta or their other parent bodies were large enough to have undergone a similar degree of differentiation to Earth, thus forming a kind of scale model of a terrestrial planet.
The associations between the prevalence of neck node metastasis and both the degree of differentiation and the depth of invasion were statistically significant, but there was no significant association between neck node metastasis and tumor size.
A certain degree of differentiation can be achieved based on measurable performance; for example: the ability of a manufacturer to produce fiber optic cables with lower losses than their competitors.
For advertisers, these large and en- gaged audiences also offer a degree of differentiation.
It is worth noting that if a + b = 0 we have the maximum degree of differentiation.
Not only are per capita amongst the highest in the region but significant competition in supply has encouraged companies to fostered a climate of innovation in an effort to achieve some degree of differentiation.
It's a well-made beer with a nice degree of differentiation.
The degree of differentiation depends on the degree of commonality, i.
A nonparametric test for trend across ordered groups was used to evaluate the relationship between age at enucleation and degree of differentiation.
Mitchell says there are some "dipstick" tests on the market, but they "do not have the degree of differentiation of our test.
It will be taken by the board in Japan but they want a degree of differentiation between teams.