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Synonyms for graduation


Synonyms for graduation

the successful completion of a program of study

an academic exercise in which diplomas are conferred

a line (as on a vessel or ruler) that marks a measurement

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the act of arranging in grades

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MILTON KEYNES, England, July 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Open University (OU) has marked its first degree ceremony 40 years after the first students crossed the stage at London's Alexandra Palace to collect their awards.
She added: "He was the first in our family to go to university and really regretted not being able to attend his degree ceremony in 1952.
The Queen made the trip to St Andrews in Fife to see her grandson's degree ceremony despite being laid low with a sore throat for the past few days.
To attend the February 23 Honorary Degree Ceremony or to learn more about the Oklahoma City University School of American Dance and Arts Management, call 405/521-5322 or visit www.
First Minister Rhodri Morgan receiving his Degree at Aberystwyth University, from Vice/Chancellor Noel Lloyd, with President Sir Emyr Jones Parry ( Left ) who introduced Mr Morgan during the Degree ceremony Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
She was asked to give a masterclass at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Academy and to play for the honorary degree ceremony for Andy Kershaw and Bill Bryson at Leeds University.
Dennis Amiss celebrates after his honorary degree ceremony Legendary Cricket player; Top: The traditional throwing of mortar boards is captured by proud parents while a trio of friends (above) congratulate each other; A well-earned glass of Champagne for a graduate Graduate; Commerce graduate Chow Chunkin and his mascots; Graduate in mathematics and phsycology Connie Ting is showered with flowers
I have followed Eva Tilford to a master's degree ceremony in 2004 at the University of Kansas-Lawrence's Multicultural Business Scholars Program.
Today Mr Clarke was at the degree ceremony in Glasgow with sons Kenneth, who lives in Ponteland, Ron, from Gosforth in Newcastle, and Nimmo, who is based in Northallerton.
Ganic was arrested at Heathrow Airport on March 1 as he attempted to leave Britain after attending a degree ceremony at the University of Buckingham.
But, as Claire Gibson, of Dalton, says in the feature on this page, working hard for the privilege of donning that cap and gown at a Town Hall degree ceremony does not guarantee instant success in the world of work.
Summary: Princeton University's 2008 honorary degree ceremony recognized five distinguished individuals, including the American University of Beirut's (AUB) departing president, John Waterbury, for their contributions to humanitarian efforts, music and entertainment, political theory, science and medicine, literature and higher learning, a statement issued by AUB said on Thursday.
The establishment was viewed with disdain, and what could be more establishment than a degree ceremony.
The Queen made the trip to St Andrews in Scotland to see her grandson's degree ceremony despite being laid low with a sore throat for the past few days.
Members of staff were today passing through the opening, before parading down Albert Road and to the Town Hall for the degree ceremony.