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Synonyms for scattering

Synonyms for scattering

a small number (of something) dispersed haphazardly

the physical process in which particles are deflected haphazardly as a result of collisions

a light shower that falls in some locations and not others nearby

spreading widely or driving off

the act of scattering

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By manipulating the (4), (5), (6) and substituting the parameters values of the longitudinal stability derivatives, the following transfer function for the change in the pitch change in the pitch rate to the change in elevator deflection angle is shown as (7) obtained.
In general, the matter at hand is not about researching the influence of the change in the Strouhal number on the instantaneous values of lift and profile drag coefficients or flow deflection angle and coefficient of total pressure loss that characterise the efficiency of compressor grids but is about researching the influence of the Strouhal number on the display of hysteresis in the performance of compressor grids.
1]), the compensated coordinate of assembly point [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] caused by deflection angle changing can be replaced to ([z.
The non-orthogonality error is actually a function of probe deflection angle, whereas the form error is a function of [alpha], and these two angles are not always equal as seen in Fig.
When the incident light deflection angle is more than 10[degrees], the number of light received by absorber I decreased slightly; and the number of light received by absorber II increased slightly, along with the increase of the incident light deflection angle.
25, the measurement error increased with increasing [beta] and deflection angle.
This symmetrical deflection angle is useful if average daily radiation conditions for the region are symmetrical about solar noon.
Furthermore, the out-of-plane fiber deflection angle of fiber segments is independent of wet-pressing pressure.
The KTN scanner is a very simple device that controls the laser deflection angle.
The tip itself has a bidirectional curve and a deflection angle of up to 120 degrees, allowing it to capture images across broad areas of the heart.
Technical Specifications: Product Name M46 CDT RAC System Display Diagonal 19 inches (18-inch viewable) (46 centimeters) Power Consumption 30 percent less than conventional tubes Deflection Angle 90 degrees Neck Diameter(mm) Standard 29 Millimeters (mm) SCN PH 0.