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a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold

a paragon of excellence

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The Happy Tooth symbol is recognised worldwide by children and adults as the definitive standard of tooth friendly products.
Early next year, it is expected that the Sener will issue the definitive Standard.
The requirements and grades listed for a course are a result of market forces and are not the definitive standard needed to do the course.
canon) had become the definitive standard of Victorian cultural value.
LMW director, Dr Barrie Kennard, said: "This award represents a definitive standard for training providers.
In addition, the “Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Pro” also measures soil temperature and air humidity, once again setting the definitive standard for plant sensors.
70, titled simply, Service Organizations, was and is the definitive standard by which user organizations (companies that use outsourced service providers) and their auditors can gain comfort that controls at the third-party service providers are adequate to prevent or detect a related material error that could impact the user organization's financial statements.
Because of its design features, the involvement of many interested parties and the use of due process, all indications are this report will serve as the definitive standard for internal control.
It puts the definitive standard in personal listening comfort and quality within easy reach of nearly anyone.
A national program designed to recognize companies where women technologists can thrive, ABI's Leadership Index is considered the definitive standard for identifying companies who are leaders in the representation of women in technical roles.
Currently, there is no definitive standard for creating a CV or resume.
LOS ANGELES -- Influxis, the definitive standard for building and deploying interactive applications, today announced the launch of an industry-changing broadcast network application - built on the Adobe Flash Media platform - called TVStation 2.
While there are numerous impressive and effective communities today, no single community has yet set the definitive standard and reached the status of world class," said Cecilia Edwards, Senior Director of Strategy at Telligent.
Influxis, the definitive standard for building and deploying interactive applications, is powering an online campaign for NIVEA USA called "The XOXO Chain: Share The Love".
With over 6000 customers, IxChariot is the industry's definitive standard for small-to-medium enterprise (SME) network testing," said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO of Ixia.