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Synonyms for science



  • discipline
  • body of knowledge
  • area of study
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Synonyms for science

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for science

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5) One of the more popular modern definitions of science or "demarcation of science from non-science" is due to Popper who required that scientific statements be empirically falsifiable.
By most definitions of science fiction, 'Fahrenheit 451' is not science fiction," he said.
They also stressed the need for adopting unified definitions of science, technology and innovation indicators and establishing methods for identifying them.
Changes are revealed when comparing survey results from the beginning to the end of the semester in personal preference for teaching styles, the desirability of working in a team, the approach to the subject taught and to lifelong learning, and personal definitions of science.
It wasn't science as we understand it today but one of the best definitions of science as we understand it today that I have heard is man trying to think God's thoughts after him.