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Synonyms for science



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Synonyms for science

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for science

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Definitions of science have been under discussion since at least the Victorian Age (Yeo, 2003), though some scholars argue that a permanent fixed definition is impossible (Boulter, 1999; Gieryn, 1999) or that science does not define itself and it is up to philosophy to define everything (Eto, 2008), which rules out empirical definition.
Over the past eight years or so, educators have struggled to make sense of the many views and definitions of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and what constitutes quality in STEM practices.
They also stressed the need for adopting unified definitions of science, technology and innovation indicators and establishing methods for identifying them.
It wasn't science as we understand it today but one of the best definitions of science as we understand it today that I have heard is man trying to think God's thoughts after him.
Some may disagree with Ross' criticism of typical modern definitions of science that allow only natural processes, but he presents good arguments for a more open definition.
As part of her effort to redefine or at least remove the limitations of previous definitions of science fiction and the fantastic, Barr promotes a polyvocal approach with three introductions, one by herself, one by Mark Dery, and one by Hortense J.
As one of six English Science Cities, Newcastle's role in a select group of locations determining the future directions and definitions of science carries with it a great responsibility.